I’ve not received an invitation for a Lung Health Check?

There may be several reasons why you’ve not received and invitation for a Lung Health Check:

  • Are you aged 55 to 74?
  • Is it recorded on your medical record if you currently or have previously smoked?
  • Are you registered with a GP that is participating in the Lung Health Check program?
  • We invite patients by GP practice, so it might be that we haven’t started on your practice yet.
  • Are you opted-out of NHS data sharing agreements? If so, your GP might not have been able to share your details with us. Please discuss this with your GP for more information.

If you believe you meet the criteria for one, then please contact us to discuss whether we might be able to offer you an appointment.

I am or have been a smoker, but I’m outside the age-range – why can’t I have a Lung Health Check?

This is a targeted programme, aimed at people who are at the highest risk of developing lung problems (e.g. lung cancer) in the future. The people most at risk of developing lung problems are aged between 55 to under 75 who smoke or used to smoke.

 If you do not meet our criteria, or have any concerns about your lung health ( including chest pain, breathlessness, a new cough that lasts more than three weeks or a change in an existing cough) please contact your GP practice’