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I feel fine so why do I need to go?

Many people with early stage lung cancer have no symptoms. One of the main aims of this programme is to detect lung cancer at the earliest opportunity when it is easier to treat. We strongly recommend you should complete your lung health check even if you feel well.

I’m not 55-74. Can I have a check?

The Targeted Lung Health Check is currently being offered to those most at risk of getting lung cancer. Data shows those between the ages of 55 and 74 who currently or previously smoked are at the highest risk of getting lung cancer.

If you are not eligible for a check but display any symptoms or have any concerns about your lung health, you should book an appointment to see your GP straight away.

Why are lung heath checks only available to people who have smoked?

People with a history of smoking are at a higher risk of lung disease or lung cancer than people who have never smoked. However, anyone can get lung cancer so if you have any concerns or are experiencing symptoms, contact your GP.

What happens at the check?

A patient care advisor will call you to complete your assessment over the telephone, which will only take around 15 minutes. They will ask you a series of questions about your overall health, your lung health and your smoking history. You may then be invited for a low dose CT scan. This will be performed in a mobile CT unit in your local community or NHS Trust.

I used to smoke so why haven’t I been invited?

To be invited for a lung health check, your GP needs to be aware that you have smoked and recorded this on your medical history. If you think you are eligible, contact your GP practice to check your smoking record is up to date.

I’ve quit smoking so do I still need to go?

Quitting smoking reduces your risk of lung cancer, however you may still be at an increased risk of developing lung diseases. We strongly recommend you take up the check if you receive an invite.

I can’t see my borough in the list?

Lung heath checks will be made available across all of north west and south west London. They may not yet be offered in your borough, but we are working to make them available as soon as possible, so please keep an eye out for local updates. 

We will be offering lung health checks in Ealing from late 2023. We will be rolling out the programme throughout 2024 to the remaining boroughs of Brent, Harrow, Kensington and Chelsea (West London), Kingston, Richmond and Westminster (Central London).

For more information on the Lung Health Checks programme, please call 020 3835 1600.