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What happens at the lung health check?

The health check takes place over the phone. It should only take around 15 to 20 minutes.

You will be asked some questions about your smoking history, general health and your medical history.

Once you’ve completed the health check the respiratory nurse will talk you through the results. Then, and only with your permission, we will calculate your risk of possibly developing lung cancer in the future. Depending on this risk score, you may then be offered an appointment for a CT scan of your lungs.

What happens if I need a CT scan?

Depending on this risk, you may then be invited to have a CT scan of your lungs. This will happen during the same appointment. The team will talk you through the scan and answer any questions you may have about it.

It involves you lying flat on your back while your chest is scanned. The scan takes about 5 minutes and is painless – you will be able to eat, drink or drive as normal after the scan.

Coming in to hospital if you need a CT scan may seem daunting at the moment but rest assured all our staff are committed to keeping you safe. Please find more information here on what you can expect when you come for your appointment.

Find out more about CT scans :

What happens after?

The results should be available within two weeks, and you’ll receive a letter or phone call from the lung health check team with your results. We will also send a copy to your GP. Hopefully your scan will be clear, but the team may advise you to see your GP, or arrange for you to be seen at the hospital.

Lung nodules

Below you will find our leaflet and patient video, which provide more information if you have a lung nodule found on your scan. You can always call the team if you have any questions or concerns on 020 7351 8607.

This video is also available in a selection of languages.