Why am I not eligible?

Thank you for your interest in having a Lung Health Check.

Depending on the answers you gave during the online booking process, there may be several reasons why you have been determined as not eligible for a Lung Health Check.

Some of the most common reasons are:

You are not a smoker.

Lung Health Checks are designed to detect early signs of lung disease (such as lung cancer) that have been caused by smoking.

If you have not been a smoker but have concerns about your lung health then we would recommend speaking to your GP.

You aren’t aged between 55-74.

During the Lung Health Check we will use your answers to calculate your risk of developing lung disease over the next several years as a result of smoking. The risk model is currently only validated for use on patients between the ages of 55-74.

We would encourage patients outside of this age range to speak with their GP if they have any concerns about their lung health.

You are registered at a GP practice that is not currently participating.

Not all GP practices are signed up to the Lung Health Check programme, however we are expanding to new GP practices all the time. If you are at a practice that is not currently signed up then please continue to check back as your practice may be in the process of signing up.

You have had a CT scan that includes your lungs in the last 12 months.

If you have had a recent CT scan of your lungs then any existing lung disease would have already been detected on that scan. Scanning you again in close proximity to your previous scan would therefore not offer you any benefit.

You would be most welcome to book a Lung Health Check once 12 months have passed from your last scan.

You have been diagnosed with a cancer that is being actively treated or monitored.

If you have a cancer that is currently being treated or monitored then you will already be receiving more detailed care and investigations than we are capable of offering. Any scan that we could offer would only duplicate the care you are already receiving.

If you have any concerns about your lung health then we would recommend speaking to your consultant and their team, as they will be familiar with your treatment and care.

If you feel that you are still eligible, or have any queries or concerns, then please contact us on 020 7351 8608