West London Lung Health Check



The West London Lung Health Check project is now undergoing a phased re-opening.

Lung Health Checks will now be performed remotely over the phone so as to comply with Government guidance on social distancing and unnecessary travel.

When making an appointment, you will be given a time for a call back where we will perform the Lung Health Check remotely. If you need a CT scan of your lungs, you will be sent an appointment for you to have your scan at a convenient time.

Lung Health Checks are for current or ex-smokers aged between 55 and 75.

West London Lung Health Checks are a free service currently available for patients at participating GPs in both Hillingdon, and Hammersmith and Fulham.

During the telephone consultation you will be be able to talk to a health professional who will go through a series of questions specially designed to assess your risk of developing lung problems.

Lung Health Check West London https://lunghealthchecks-westlondon.nhs.uk/about-the-lung-health-check/

Lung health checks are quick and simple. They are a good way of spotting lung-related problems early on, possibly before you’ve even noticed anything.

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